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5HA5H (Arnold János Szabó) has been a Drum & Bass enthusiast since 2007. Back then, ‘Spor - The Eyes Have It’ was the first DnB track that made him instantly fall in love with the genre. In 2011 he moved to Vienna and started making mixes just for fun on his laptop, observing the DJs at raves, trying to learn their skills. In 2014 he got the opportunity to play his debut gig at FLUC, which changed the trajectory of his career. After making more contacts with DJs and promoters, and a lucky drunk message, he finally got the opportunity from ILLSKILLZ to prove himself. On 17. 12. 2015, he had his first proper live performance at BEAT IT, at FLEX. Since then, it just went straight up for him. He became a resident and crew member at HIGHSCORE at FLUC; a resident at BEAT IT at FLEX; and a member of #wirsindcybo - a crew founded by CYBERSHOT. Thanks to Drumandbass.fm, he played at NuForms Festival 2017. 5HA5H’s sets are an energetic combination of the whole spectrum of Drum & Bass, mixed together to form an exciting adventure for the listener. He started as a front row raver, which you can tell if you watch him do his thing behind the decks. He is always pushing his limits and never stops improving himself.

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